Vector Text Morpher makes possible to transition one text into another text while keeping the result as a vector.
Text morphing with a vector result is normally very difficult to achieve manually.
The script/plugin produces a shape layer (vector) that holds each letter/symbol in one or multiple animated paths.
It handles the tasks that would be manually difficult/impossible – different number of paths (e.g. letter “e” to letter “B” or to “i”), path direction and starting point etc.
The resulting vector shape layer has keyframes that can later be adjusted as needed:

Vector Text Morpher | After Effects Script - 1


  • Vector transition between characters/words/sentences/paragraphs
  • Text to transition from and text to transition to can have different number of characters
  • Can work with shapes too, not only with text
  • Control transition duration and delay for each character
  • Set character’s corner start point for transition
  • Transition directly from shape/text A to B or through intermediate circle

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