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Watch the full tutorial here (organized in chapters)

Classic keyboard typing fx but upgraded:

Guide the ear, the eye and the brain

  • Sound – synchronize sound fx to each individual keystroke
  • Highlight – not all words are created equal; so, show it!
  • Pause and rewrite – we don’t think or talk in monotone; almost act with your writing

Beautiful visuals are not enough

I’m a graphic/motion designer at heart and it came naturally to favor visuals. But one day, I removed the mouse click sound from my screen recording. Just a click, right? But no, it’s not just a click. I found that it’s information, it tells you something is happening, pay attention!

The keyboard typing effect has become a classic, and everyone has at least one video where they use it. But it’s missing something – the ‘click.’ That ‘little’ part that tells you to pay attention, something is happening! So, Type Sync Pro is my attempt to overcome my visual background and step into a new one where visuals and sound work together, each doing its part.

Write your mind!

For the future

  • Emojis inside the text would be nice, would it?
  • Different modes of highlighting words, like: different font families and fonts sizes
  • Maybe change the writing speed for individual words
  • Support for right to left languages
  • I’m thinking a VS Code color scheme (for you programmers out there)
  • Now highlights become visible at the same time as the writing happens but how about after the writing finishes to come in view
  • A visual preview for the highlight inside the interface
  • Put text in speech bubbles

This is me but how about you, what do you have in mind? Leave your ideas in the comments.

Your support is crucial in helping me continue to develop and improve Type Sync Pro. By purchasing the script, you’ll have access to all future updates for free and be a part of shaping the future of this product. It has the potential to become something special. Thank you

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