With LM Mogrt Generator, you can easily convert your after effect projects into MOGRT files without wasting time. You can expand your Premier Project library with this easy-to-use and fast application. Adding controls, texts, layers and images in your Aep projects one by one to Essential graphics is tedious and takes a long time. This process is now very easy.
LM Mogrt Generator finds solution to all your these problems. You can now easily use all your projects that you use in After Effect in Premier Pro.

music by:StockSounds


  • Aep to Mogrt
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick installation
  • User Friendly
  • Dynamic Project Library Synchronization
  • Dynamic Composition Selection
  • Add “Transform Property” and “Source Text” form the text compositions in the project library
  • Add “Transform Property” form the any Layers
  • Add Controller form the adjustment Layer
  • Add Image Place Holder from the project library
  • Checking the “Expression” from the “Transform Property”
  • Preserving the “Keyframe” in the “Transform property”
  • Create “Null Layer” for control
  • Automatically Expand Clipped Text Compositions
  • Adding Multiple Compositions or Layers at once
  • Universal Expressions & Script
  • Editing MOGRT File name
  • Export MOGRT File

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