Easy Search Tool | The Ultimate After Effects Workflow Script - 1
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Easy Search Tool | The Ultimate After Effects Workflow Script

Here is my second Script “Easy Search Tool | The Ultimate After Effects Workflow Script”.
In this one we took the After Effects Scripting developement to the next Level..
I can Guarantee that no other 100% After effects Script has all the features we added in such a dynamic and “clever-built “way..


  • Revolutionary ScriptUI features with seamless navigation and dynamic user interface .
  • Compact user interface takes no space in the AE workspace
  • Works seamlessly both in MacOs And Windows
  • No loading , no waiting , it just works
  • Native clean and simple Javascript 100% Future Proof works with After Effects CC 2018 and above version (and will work with any AE version in the future!
  • Interactive UI ( Shows only the desired Search results and takes literally no space )

  • Dynamic list that expands procedural to search result
  • Categorized and properly shorted sorted results with dynamic icons.
  • Filter categories that you want to show up ( Effects , Scripts,Animation Presets, Menu Comands , Expressions , Snippets , Projects.aep , Panel items)
  • Clean UX ( launch with the hotkey of your choice )

  • Dynamic window option to open exactly where your mouse cursor is and directly begin typing ( a really revolutionary feature for AE scripting )
  • Fixed window you can have the search bar placed anywhere on you screen and access with the same hotkey or with mouse click.
  • Auto Close option , you can have the search bar to close after an action is completed.
  • Modular and adaptive to users

  • Machine learning ability feature to sort the search results by the frequency of usage !
  • add to favourites (favourites will show up first in search with a highlighted icon)
  • add to black-list (will hide from search results you can call them back at any time )
  • add to ShortCuts (This is where we take the script to a whole new level by adding custom shortcuts to the search bar and access them directly )
  • Shortcuts also have the option to rearrange the order(categorize results per users taste) and add custom icons for a more customized experience.
  • favourites,Blacklist & Shortcurts work for everything (exept panel items due to them being unique for every project)
  • Also favourites, Blacklist and ShortCuts are updated within a json file and refresh based on the watchfolders
  • eg * if we have some scripts and projects that are in the favourites, blacklisted or Shortcuts and are no longer in the watch folder they will be removed from the json file too so everything runs clean,
    (seamlessly updating and cleaning the script cashe is tricky if you consider the result categories and the combination/complexity of favorites, blacklisted and shortcut items)
  • Alerts & HelpTips

  • We got rid all of the alerts and simply moved them to show up dynamically on the search bar as a simple text , this will save you a ton of “ok” clicks and will explain what is happening in a clean way !
  • ( Eg . No selected layer … , No Comp in project… , Applied (x) Effect )

    Main Functions

  • Effects and plug-ins : Search and Apply Effects and Plug-ins directly from The Search Bar
  • Scripts Launcher(jsx, jsxbin) : Launch Scripts
  • Animation Presets: Apply Your Animation Presets
  • Menu Commands : Optimize Menu commands to enchance your workflow
  • Expressions & Snippets: All your expressions and snippet code in one place
  • Project Files: Import project files (From custom watch folders)
  • Panel Items : Reveal panel items
  • Future Updates: we developed the script in a way that future updates are seamless, so we can populate with ( expressions, snippets, menucommands and scripts )
  • Also another cool feature is that users can share their shortcuts with each other (we are building a small community on that)!
  • Settings Menu

  • Clean User interface with categorized tabs and dynamic user experience.
  • Filters Menu : Filter the categories you want to be visible in search.
  • Dynamic Window : Search Bar reveals in mouse position of in a user fixed postition
  • AutoClose: Close after Apply or not.
  • Tips: Option To remove the helptips , as the user get familliar with the script , we thought it would be great to have the option to remove the tooltips
  • Expression & Snippets Library : organize your expressions and have instant access via the search.
  • Menu Commands Library : Add custom commands to further automate workflow.
  • Custom Search Directories : Add your custom search directories (Every compatible search file will be categorized and sorted automatically )
  • Option to search in subfolders too .( Dynamic Icon based on your input )
  • Blacklist : User Blacklisted Items , (Option to restore)
  • Favourites :User Favourites Items, (Option to rremove from favs)
  • ShortCuts : User ShortCut Items, (Option To remove , rearrange)
  • Help… : All the instructions that are needed to master the script.
  • Also At the Bottom right corner there are 3 icons ,
  • The video icon “Button”( Opens the link to the video tutorials, categorized per function )
  • The Shopping Cart “Button ( Opens the link to the VideoHive Portfolio )
  • xFxDesigns Logo ( The only branding part of the script , so it looks clean and not overwhelmed with logo banners )
  • Video Tutorials

  • Every function has a video breakdown on how to use , All videos are categorized and have a custom thumbnail , also all videos are available directly via the script by clicking on the “video icon”
  • Activation And Trial

  • Also we are Extremely confident that the script is completelly bug free so we offer a 10 trial version
    (we also challenge anyone to make it crash or come up with an error. they simply cant :) ) !
  • Try it Before You Buy it !

    With A Fully Functional 10 Day Trial !

    Once you install the script a custom Window will show with the option to Register, Trial, Help

    Register, : If the user has purchased Easy_Search_Tool, we can confirm with Envato API, They simply have to : Add the Envato Username & Item Purchase Code to Activate ! ( no need to visit this section ever again )

    Trial Trial Version Users have a “Lock icon” on the search bar that displays how much of the trial period is left and link to the item ) so users can purchase the item(license) directly from the script via envato marketplace and activate.

    Help: Links To the download section (so users can have imediate acces to the item purchase code )

    I hope you appreciate the hard work and inovations that we included in this script.
    Thank you For your time (Especially If You Ever Read So Far :) !
    Regards, Billaras.

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