After Effects users need to build an Expression Controller.
Sometimes the problem is much more complicated than this process.
In many nested properties, select too many layers, attach them to a particular layer, Or a special composition.

This problem can be solved with one click and does not require much time!
Just select all the properties you want,
And click one of the options to build the controller.
You can convert properties individually to the controller.
Also, you can pre-select the control layer and composition.
You can connect all properties and create a control.
This script can find your controllers and connect the desired property to them.
Another option in this script that can find properties of the same name and connect them.
there are tens of layers in your composition, and there are tens of properties in each layer, and you just have to select them and click a button!

(Download it & Your controller is ready!)

How to use Add Expression Controllers:
Find the location where your After Effects is installed.
Copy the script file to the /Scripts/ScriptUI and restart After Effects again.
You can find the script name in the Windows menu.
If you have many layers with different properties.
You can type the name of the properties with a comma in the layers search field.
And select them by dragging your mouse pointer.
Now you have 3 options:

  1. Create separate controllers for each selected property
  2. Create joined property name, similar controllers
  3. Connect properties to selected property (in find controllers panel)

As you can see, each controller corresponds to one of the selected properties.
Of course, you can rename controllers after finish the process again.
If you want the controllers to be on another layer or in a different composition. The script allows you to do this. You can ((open or select)) the composition and hit the “select composition” button & type the name of the layer you want to add the controllers.
Your controls and (typed name’s layer) will be created.

All the expressions are universalized multi-language app.

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