2DF Trail

2DF Trail is a preset for After Effects CC that adds a bicolor trail to your animated elements.

Just select the shape-layer or text and apply the preset.
If you want to apply it to an image, the animation must be pre-composed.


  • Trail length adjustment;
  • Bicolor adjustment;
  • Adjusting the trail’s transparency;
  • Other adjustments to improve the appearance of the trail.

️ Settings

  • Color A: Initial trail color;
  • Color B: Final trail color;
  • Length: Trail length. Value 100 will be 1,000px approximately;
  • Trail Opacity: Change the final trail opacity;
  • Anti-Aliasing: Use to eliminate jaggies that may appear when you use high Trail Opacity;
  • Density: Higher values make the trail more fluid, but impact in the render time;
  • General Opacity: Define a overall opacity for the trail.

<center>2DF Trail - Bicolor trail generator for After Effects - 1</center>


  • Sound effects made by the talented artist Arthur Ferraz.
  • The music used in this preview is Play Play Play by Shtriker Big Band available at Artlist.

2DF Trail - Bicolor trail generator for After Effects - 2

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