GameCity – A Flat & Clean Gaming PSD

Looking for a modern gaming design that’s flat as well as versatile? Look no further – GameCity is a 100% Flat design with no complicated gradients or detailed imagery to slow your site down. It’s designed to be lightweight, clean yet versatile thanks to the amount of included goodies in your purchase. We’ve designed GameCity to be robust yet easy to alter.

Not digging the colors? No problem! With a couple clicks you’ve adjusted your whole theme. Not a fan of the font that’s used as a base? Simply choose one from the GoogleFont database that we catered to!

GameCity was also designed to easily be interchangeable. This means a simple background change can alter the whole theme. Both of the layouts are interchangeable, so if you like one feature on the other included design, sijmply copy it over and enjoy! Oh and guess what? We even included an amazing UIKit for each theme to expand your site on.

Why GameCity Is For You

What’s included?

+ 2 Unique Layouts

+ 16+ Unique PSD’s

+ Fonts

+ Generic Baclground PSD

+ Advertisement PSD’s

+ Detailed UIKit per theme full of goodies

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NOTE Images and backgrounds are NOT included in this download package. The PSD will come with placeholders that show what size images you’d need to match the original concept.

All Game Images and Avatars are licensed by Attribution 2.0 generic – Creative Common.

A few special THANK YOU’s go out to Apetruk for permission to use her concept art work. You can see more of her work at

Roberts Space Industries & Cloud Imperium Games for their permission to use in-game renders from Star Citizen, an upcoming Space Simulator by legendary Chris Roberts.

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