This is a great pack of pricing tables, buttons and widgets with clean aspect who comes in 10 color. You can use this table on your design projects or for your web hosting business. This price table can be customized to match any business profile.
The price table includes widgets, buttons and badges with customizable text and colors. You can use these widgets anywhere in your website.

Features on this Multicolored Price Table item:

  • Very clean design;
  • Very well organized PSD;
  • Tables are designed with layer shapes;
  • 10 colors for head and buttons;
  • Buttons with normal and hover versions;
  • 6 red corner badges;
  • Widgets in 2 sizes and 10 colors;
  • 3 table versions with 3-4 colors.

The ZIP arhive contains

  • 1 PSD files with 3 tables, 40 buttons, widgets and badges
  • 1 JPG preview
  • this help file
  • One BIG surprise for you )” title=” :)” />

Fonts used:

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