This is a visually appealing image gallery, designed to be used mainly on websites, but it works in every application. It works almost with every color, but I would recommend you to use darker shades.

As you can see, the Gallery consists of 1 big image, which is the current image you chosen to view, and 4 more little thumbnails. Near the thumbnails, there is a slider, which is intended to bring more little thumbnails.

The file is easy to customize:

  • All shapes are vectors, which means you can change the colors and size.
  • The text is using Tahoma, 11px, a nice font setting which is used by a lot of designers in Photoshop.
  • There are 3 icons that are used in this PSD, and those icons also have their original size version, allowing you to scale them for your needed dimensions.
  • It doesn’t require much effort when coded.

Thank you for buying!

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