10 Beautifully designed, unique slideshows for web design. Are you tired of designing your own featured post, features projects, portfolio or gallery? If yes, than this pack is for you! With juicy web 2.0 graphics and colors, neat use of gradients and highlights, 1 pixel shadows and light outlines, this pack has all you need.

Layered and well organized PSD files with folders and no flattened layers. All the graphics you see are based on layer styles, so you can change colors, hues, shades, gradients and outlines in 2 easy clicks!

Fonts used:

Myriad Pro:

These are not free, so they won’t be included with your download. You can either purchase them on any of the fonts sites, or replace them with something similar that you like.

All you need to do is implement these graphics in your web design, and… viola! Enjoy and don’t forget to rate, please

You see some example images included in the preview, however most of them are not present in the download file. You will only get to see images that I took myself or those that were taken from my website – Lorelei Web Design. Otherwise, there are shape-based image holders.

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