Splash Social Media Icons is a set of 48 social media icons. Inspired by look of brush strokes on the canvas.

These icons are suitable for every background – alpha ON + High DPI!

In package
– 4 icon sizes (32px, 64px, 128px and 256px) x 48 icons = 192 icons!
– PSD file based on 256px icons – you can easily create an new icon or change the color of existing icons background

Icons for following social media included

appstore, bebo, behance, blogger, designmoo, deviantart, digg, dribbble, evernote, facebook, fav, flickr, forrst, foursquare, google+, google+ [V2], gowalla, grooveshark, icq, issuu, lastfm, linkedin, love, mail, maps, metacafe, mixcloud, myspace, netvibes, orkut, picasa, posterous, qik, reddit, rss, skype, soundcloud, stumbleuppon, technorati, threadless, thumblr, twitter, viddler, vimeo, wordpress, yahoo, youtube and zerply.

New icons upon request!

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