Life is scary, but it’s only when we think about it that way. BUT, when it comes to HALLOWEEN… it doesn’t only live in our mind. We make it real and we celebrate the fears. That’s actually a very cool way to fight the paranoia! Logically speaking, we won’t be so afraid of the thing we created ourselves, will us? The scarier it gets, the ……. it will be (the purposely left blank space is for you to answer).

Now, comes to that realization, we definitely want to be part of the Halloween making process! We contribute by launching our OZZOMBIE typeface, which consists of 2 mini fonts: The outline version & The fill block version. We hope you got the perfect idea already how to collect the most and loudest scream.

Ah, and please do us a little favor. For boo-ever it is, please send us all of your kind-dark wishes. Especially because I also having my birthday on Halloween, the best worst day to begin life!

Thanks for stopping by.

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