Professional RGB Curves & Gradient Maps Pack.

This pack was designed to create close as much as possible fire coloring solution. Extremely fine color tunes to simulate warm and cool flame colors in your work. Professional pack

Makes easy immediately to create amazing, size-independent, non-linear Flame Color fades from just grayscale source image (brush strokes etc.) Works in REAL-Time!


  • instruction
  • Curves files
  • Gradient Maps files *.GRD
  • Also inluded:

  • Layered *.PSD file Showing layer order and adjustment usage. Ready to use!
  • And additional Layered *.PSD file for our “Fire’n’Smoke” Brush Pack users.
  • Color Everything! Flames, Fire, Flares, Explosions, and fireworks
    To provide them with natural warm(or cool blue) color fades modelled from real flame exposure scale.

    Content Description:

    “Natural” Flame Curves (and idential Gradient map) modeled from Professional photography sources. True Fire coloring.

    Also included bonus “Gas Blue”. It is usefull when you need to create blue flame parts. modeled from Professional photography sources. True Fire coloring.

    Included psd files allows you to test immediately this coloring in work. Just place your Grayscale source image into marked layer and enjoy transformation. (You can also draw with brushes in marked layer and enjoy REALTIME brush coloring.) Adjusting included Exposure layer let you full control for flame brightness for every cases. (read help file)

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    No wasting time.
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    Just Enjoy our Professional tool!

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