– PSD file (Photoshop CS3)
– ASL file (Photoshop CS3)
– 5 professional and realistic letterpress styles
– 5 professional and realistic embossed effects
– 2 additional pressed and embossed styles made specifically for leather backgrounds
– Made for easy change of color; Just change the background color; No need to make changes in the styles
– 7 clean backgrounds
– 3 additional noisy backgrounds
– Suitable for dark and light backgrounds
– Looks good on any kind of shape or font
– Highly organized layers
– Scalable layer styles
– One layer effects

Fonts used:

– PT Sans –




Loading the ASL file in Adobe Photoshop

1. Go to Edit -> Preset Manager.
2. In the Preset Type drop-down list select Styles.
3. On the right side of the dialog box click on the Load button.
4. Browse the location where your ASL file is placed and open the ASL file.
5. The styles are lodaded in Photoshop.

Applying the styles

1. Select the layer you want to apply the style to.
2. Click on one of the styles in the Styles palette to apply it to the selected layer.

HINT: If your Styles palette isn’t turned on, go to Window > Styles to turn it on.

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