the color wheel is said to be invented by sir Isaak Newton,
it’s the ultimate the most obvious and most easy to use color tool for creating harmonious color schemes.
this color wheel posesses 96 mostly used clean and safe cmyk colors for print.

sure, there are a lot of tools around in a web, in a graphic design software applications, but this color wheel is a default palette replacement i use and advice to everyone.

any file i design in any graphic design software i just place this color wheel into a pasteboard and copy colours from this colorwheel, building harmonies, seeing primary, secondary and tertiary relationships, complimentary contrasts, gradients, choosing and mixing colours, which, of course, can be tinted in a final stage.

surely, design software applications have their own ways for mixing the colors but they are far from being that easy to use, that quick to use – you definitely have to produce more clicks, you don’t see the whole picture, they aren’t so close to you within a reach of hand.

this color wheel will definitely change your workflow when you decide to use it and when you get used to it: you will work faster, you will choose color faster, you will choose color according to color theory, you will build great color harmonies, seeing the whole picture right before the eyes, not just a part of it.

this is color theory in action!

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