WooCommerce Do you deliver?

Ever wondered how to get more friendly with your store visitors and soon turn them into a customer? Simply tell them you are servicing their location! It’s that simple.

With this piece of magic code, show a friendly box on product, cart or any other page of your site where the visitors can enter their Zip/Pin Code and see if you are delivering in their location. You can also give them an estimated date of delivery which is completely in your control. Amazingly, you can also show them an optional note associated with a Zip/Pin code. Your potential customers would love this! And do you know what’s great? This plugin takes only 2-3 minutes to setup. It is very light, simple to configure and keeps your store bug-free with a clean code.

Do you deliver for WooCommerce

How it works

Create a CSV File with all the Zip/Pin codes that your service provider supports. Upload it on the Settings page of this plugin and set where to show this search box on website. You’re all set!


  • Bulk Upload Zip/Pin Codes
  • Show No. of days to deliver and an optional note
  • Use Wildcard characters for Zip/Pin codes
  • Realtime checking of supported Shipping Zip/Pin code on checkout page
  • Disables Submit Order button on Checkout page if Shipping Zip/Pin code not supported
  • Add/Edit Zip/Pin code on plugin settings page
  • Show widget on Product Page, Cart Page or using a shortcode [doyoudeliver] anywhere on your website

Feel free to ask us for the Zip/Pin codes of your logistics carrier. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the carrier name and your country.

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Reviews and Ratings

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Help and Support

If you have any questions related to the item or need a technical help, please send us an email on [email protected]. Our Average resolution time is less than 24 hours.


1.2 - September 1, 2016 (Finally!)
+ Pagination of Zip/Pin codes on Settings page
+ Enhanced validation of Zip/Pin code on Checkout page. Admin can stop customer from checkout out if their Billing or Shipping Address Zip/Pin code is not found in the database. Also an option to NOT Validate. 
+ Faster search performance
+ Improved UI

1.1 - January 28, 2015
+ Wildcard character support
+ Add New Zip/Pin code on Settings Page
+ Supports realtime checking of supported Zip/Pin code on Checkout page (Only Shipping Zip/Pin code)

1.0 - November 17, 2014
Initial Release 

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