UPME Custom Field Types is an addon created to add custom field types for UPME custom fields section. You need User Profiles Made Easy plugin to use this addon. This addon extends the default predefined field types by providing more variations to suit specific requirements of each site.

Latest version: 1.3 – 2015.11.02 (Not compatible with latest versions of UPME – Last Compatible Version 2.1.01)

Important – Custom fields generated from this addon can be used to store various type of data about user profiles. However, all field type are not available as search filters and not searchable

Version 1.3 (2015.11.02)
* Fixed :compatibility issue with UPME latest versions
Version 1.2 (2015.01.30)
* Added: compatibility with WordPress 4.1
* Fixed : issue with file upload fields
Version 1.1 (2014.12.13)
* New Feature - Autocomplete enabled Google maps field 
* New Feature - Ordered and Unordered list fields 
* New Feature - Searchable select fields using Chosen 
* New Feature - Searchable multi select fields using Chosen
Version 1.0 (2014.11.19)
* Initial version

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