A location management system that allows your users to locate places, stores, spots and other areas through search filters.




Multiple markers
Multiple maps in one page
Changeable map icon marker.
Marker Clusterer. Solution for too many markers.
Marker info window.

Auto complete search address.
Search radius either kilometers or miles.
Search by location category.
Search by location attributes.

Location Information

Easily add location lattitude and longitude through google map meta box.
Add location fields that will be shown as metabox.
Can be shown in info window.
Set location results pagination.

Location attributes

Add location taxonomy by attributes admin management.
Search and display marker by location attributes.

Map shortcode

Add map shortcodes in posts and pages.
Set map category and attributes through shortcode parameters. Overrides back end options .
Set map options through shortcode parameters. Override back end options.

Template Overrides

Template files of Site locator map contain the markup and template structure for the front-end (and HTMLs) of your site that can be easily change.

Highly customizable and good for developers.


* Sort locations by nearest locations on address search and added message shortcode parameter to hide message.

* Change inline function to native php function to support old php version.

* Fix ssl support and marker clusterer not loading.

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