Safe Login for WordPress is a must-have WordPress plugin! Safe Login covers one vital security aspect of your website – the WordPress back-end security and protection. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your WordPress site is better protected with Safe Login for WordPress.

Download iOS – or Android – SafeApp mobile assistant. Safe Login mobile apps are FREE to download and they are to be used in conjunction with Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin.

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Why Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin

Safe Login is both a convenient and a secure way to access your WordPress website, blog or online shop. You will get:

  • the most convenient way to login into your WordPress
    (no more usernames and passwords to remember and no need to set huge and complex passwords)
  • the safest and the best way to protect your administrator login
    (users with administrator privileges will no longer use the same unsecured default login area, but a new and safer one)
  • safest two-factor authentication (2FA) system
    (each user profile will have a 6 to 8 digits access code, reset every 45 seconds)
  • multiple profiles for all your WordPress websites
    (you can store and use virtually unlimited login profiles in your mobile devices)
  • FREE mobile apps for iOS and Android on smartphones or tablets
    (you will be using SafeApp mobile applications to get your safe SafeApp codes each time you login)

Safe Login for WordPress is the number one choice for any online presence. Do you have a website? Whether it is a blog, a company’s site, or an online shop, all the fun goes out the window if your website’s security is breached! Safe Login is here to serve and protect your site!

In short, the Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin consists in a PREMIUM WordPress plugin and two FREE mobile apps, for iOS and Android platforms. The WordPress plugin secures your website while the mobile apps give you the ability to safely login via a secure generated code.

Benefits of using Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin

You secure your online business while simplifying your experience. Here are some of your benefits of using Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin.

  • Custom and safer login URL page for WordPress admins
  • FREE mobile apps to generate your secure codes (Android and iOS*)
  • Single code login (no need to remember usernames and passwords)
  • Strong authentication procedure (the secure generated codes reset themselves every 45 seconds and they are build up using your encrypted secret key)
  • Free updates (with an active license)
  • Premium support

Check out the Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin User Guide for more details.
Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin is developed by Southern Cross Global Consulting.


Change log

v1.3 (03 July 2015) – FIX – An error was generated when WordPress was installed into a subdirectory
v1.2 (26 June 2015) – NEW – the ability to double check the admin credentials
v1.1 (23 June 2015) – FIX – small bugfixes
v1.0 (21 June 2015) – Initial release

Useful info & considerations

Most of WordPress hackers are trying to brute-force the default login area in order to break into the system and steal data or to infect the website with malicious code so. If your website gets infected you will have at least two major issues: you will distribute malicious code to all your visitors and infect them as well, and you will loose ranking destroying your SEO indicators. You can prevent all these scenarios by using Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin!

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