WordPress video player plugin.
Embed Youtube, Vimeo, Flash, Silverlight, Amazon S3, and HTML5 videos and audio to your site. Supports youtube, vimeo, amazon S3 links, mp4, ogv, webm, flv, wmv, mp3, wav, and ogg file types.

Our Video Emded Pro plugin creates unique looking skins around your videos on your WordPress website.

Here are a few of the awesome features you get with the Video Embed Pro WordPress plugin…

  • 53 Different Video Skins (including the newest Iphone 6 look).
  • YouTube Integration.
  • Vimeo Integration.
  • Amazon S3 Integration.
  • HTML 5 Video Player.
  • FLV Video Player.
  • and MP4 Video Player.
  • Even Plays Music Files!!!
  • Easy To Use Interface.
  • Streaming Video.
  • Lifetime Upgrades.
  • Autoplay.
  • Plays HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, Amazon S3, Youtube (by id or keyword), Vimeo (by id and keyword)
  • Plays flv, wmv, mp4, ogv, webm, Amazon S3 video, mp3, wav and ogg

Improves website bounce rates because people will spend more time watching your videos.
Makes your competitors seem down right boring in comparison to your sleek looking videos.

Here are some of the benefits of the Embed Video Pro WordPress plugin…

More visitors to your website will watch your videos because you were smart enough to give them some style.

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