The Latest Images Widget is a WordPress plugin by WP Prestige that allows you to display, in any widgetized area, thumbnails of the featured images of your most recent posts. These thumbnails link to their respective posts.

You can choose to display images for your most recent blog posts. Or you can choose to display images from any other custom post type that may be included with the theme you are using, such as a portfolio, an image gallery, team members or a slider. You can also set the category of posts to display.

And no matter what you select, the widget only pulls (queries) posts that have featured images set. This ensures that there are no holes or blanks in the widget.

The widget has a fluid design that allows it to fit perfectly into any widget area in any theme. It is fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices: computer, tablet and mobile. It can also be customized via the built-in settings.

Best of all, there is absolutely no coding required! Everything is done via the same WordPress Widgets panel you’re already used to!


  • Fluid design, so the widget fits perfectly into any theme
  • Fully responsive, looks great on any and every device
  • Display images from any post type
  • Specify the post category
  • Customizable title
  • Set the number of images to display
  • Set the number of columns of images to display
  • Zero coding required

The Latest Images Widget has five settings that can be altered to your specific requirements:

  • Title
  • Number of Images
  • Post Category
  • Post Type
  • Number of Columns


The Title setting allows you to set the title of the widget. Where this title displays relative to the widget, or whether it displays at all, depends on the WordPress theme you are using. However, most themes will display this title just above the images.

Number of Images

The widget allows you to select the number of images to display. The images shown are the images that were set as the “Featured Image” for the posts in the category and/or post type chosen. The images appear in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent post.

Post Category

This setting allows you to input the category of posts from which to pull the featured images. For example, “Uncategorized” or “Cities” or “Cars”. Make sure to write the name of the category exactly as you created it and as it displays in the Categories menu in WordPress.

Post Type

The Post Type setting offers a drop down list that allows you to choose which post type to display images from. The default setting is “Post”. This will display posts created using the “Posts” section in the WordPress admin panel. For most sites, these will mostlly likely be the blog posts.

The drop down will also include all custom post types that are included/defined in the theme you are using. As an example, these might include a portfolio, an image gallery, team members or a slider.

Number of Columns

The Number of Columns setting offers a drop down list that allows you to choose in how many columns the images will display on your site. You can choose between two, three, four, five and six columns. Be sure to adjust the Number of Images setting accordingly, to get the perfect look.

No matter how many columns you choose, the Latest Images Widget will display perfectly in any theme, this because of the way it is designed.


View the detailed changelog for the Latest Images Widget for WordPress.

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