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How HYPE Works:

As users spread the word about your project, company, product or service they get “referral points” for each additional signup they refer and move up on the waitlist. This creates an affiliate network where your users are actively working to spread the word in return for rewards, discounts, early access and more.

Hype adds marketing and business intelligence to your site through a powerful signup referral system to exponentially increase your sign ups and make your website go viral.

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Are you tired of not getting traction with traditional signup forms? Want to quickly grow your newsletter and get thousands of users signed up for your waitlist?

If so, Hype is the plugin for you.

Most websites put a simple form and hope that users sign up. Its not an active process and there’s no specific marketing strategy or business intelligence behind it other than “I want more sign ups, let’s put a form.”

So why not put a form that actively incentivizes users to share your website on social media and with their friends, in turn “vouching” for your company and getting you more sign ups? It’s a win-win for your company and your users.

If you could get 10% off your next purchase just by one-click sharing a link, wouldn’t you?

Hype is a SmartR Sign Up form, preconfigured and added to any page in only one click. It harnesses the power of your users and thier networks to actively increase sign ups and exponentially grow your user base.

Hype has multiple configurations to custom fit your business needs. It can be used as a referral program to distribute store credit coupons to users that refer their friends, it can be used for early access to your latest product, having users tell their friends to move up in line on the waitlist, creating hype before launch. You can export the top 100 user who brought in the most sign ups and reward them with free products for their efforts.

The opportunities are endless and if you think you have a unique way of using Hype, let us know and we will be sure to promote your site!

Let’s Generate Hype Together

HYPE was created due to a demand for an intelligent sign up form that harnesses the power of social media and user to user marketing.

Within this powerful plugin you have the features of a typical sign up form merged with business intelligence and social share tools that allow you to not just collect individual signups, but exponentially grow your userbase through your most active users.

The most powerful referrals come when a friend tells a friend – spread your website and mission through the powerful untapped networks of your userbase.HYPE - Viral Marketing Program for Email Sign Ups - 5

HYPE is perfect for:

  • Making Your Website Go Viral
  • Increasing Sales & User Growth
  • Acquiring SEO Social Signals
  • Adding Waitlist Functionality
  • Incentivizing Users to Share
  • Top 100 Users get a Free “X”
  • Rewarding users that Refer Friends

HYPE comes ready to go with preset messages, simply add [hype] where you want the form to display.

Features and Benefits

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For after purchase support, visit – For additional information please visit or inbox us on CodeCanyon

For Users Upgrading from SmartR Sign Up (v1.1) to Hype (v2.0) please read the following instructions.


If you are looking to include Hype in your Theme or Multi-Site, please purchase an extended license and contact us for approval. We just want to make sure that everything is up to quality standards and ensure proper use.

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