The standalone version of our Profile Builder for Forms Management System plugin.

Elegant Profile Builder - 1

Do you want to allow your users
register or edit their profiles from the frontend, or to replace the default WordPress Login, Log Out, Lost

Then the Elegant Profile Builder Is Your Best Choice.

Elegant Profile Builder features list:

Elegant Profile Builder - 2  Amazing visual
form builder
you will never write a code!
Elegant Profile Builder - 3  Unlimited
create as many forms as you want, if you want you can create registration form for each role or unlimited forms for
each role or . . .
Elegant Profile Builder - 4  WPML
Elegant Profile Builder - 5  Multilingual
Elegant Profile Builder - 6  Custom
add as many custom fields as you need and you can choose from too many custom fields, and
there are many other fields that we will add in the future releases.

Elegant Profile Builder - 7  Smart
Conditional Logic

Elegant Profile Builder - 8  Three
Theme Styles based on Smart
(That is an extra value of 11$ included).

Elegant Profile Builder - 9  Eight
Theme Colors also based on Smart

Elegant Profile Builder - 10  Bundled
With Simple Form Validator – PHP Class (That is an extra value
of 7$ included).

Elegant Profile Builder - 11  Custom
Redirects After Registration/Update Profile
redirects your users to a page or custom URL or display a
message when they are registered or update their profile.
Elegant Profile Builder - 12  Custom
Redirects After Login/Logout.

Elegant Profile Builder - 13  Redirect
wp-login.php to your login page
for a specific role/roles or all roles.
Elegant Profile Builder - 14  Redirect
wp-admin to your login page
for a specific role/roles or all roles.
Elegant Profile Builder - 15  Send
notification to the admin when a new user has registered.

Elegant Profile Builder - 16  Local
allow you users to upload their profile picture directly from your site.
Elegant Profile Builder - 17  Disable
disable admin bar at the frontend for a specific role/roles or all roles.

Elegant Profile Builder - 18  Secure
we are confident enough to tell you… yes it is secured.

Elegant Profile Builder - 19  Profile
Username, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, E-mail, Website, Biographical Info, Password, Avatar.
Elegant Profile Builder - 20  Custom
Text, Textarea, Dropdown, Date, Date & Tile, Multi Select, Radio, Checkbox, Image Upload, File
Upload, URL,
Email, Repeatable Field, Hidden Field, Google Maps, Stepper.
Elegant Profile Builder - 21  Other
reCaptcha, Really Simple CAPTCHA, Terms and Conditions, and Message.

Elegant Profile Builder - 22  Toggle
Switches. You can change the style of the checkboxes and radio fields to amazing Toggle Switches styles and make
it round or leave its default cool Toggle Switches style. you can see it live on the demo website

Elegant Profile Builder - 23  Elegant
Profile Builder API:
Profile Builder have many hooks. If you are a
developer you
can use the hooks to modify its behaviour or to build your add-on for it or both of them. If you need any help
please contact us.

Elegant Profile Builder - 24  Frontend

Elegant Profile Builder - 25  Configurable!,
everything is configurable even client side validation messages!

Elegant Profile Builder - 26  You can
upload as many numbers of images as you want or unlimited with
Image Upload custom field.

Elegant Profile Builder - 27  You can
upload as many numbers of files as you want or unlimited with
File Upload custom field.

Elegant Profile Builder - 28  Elegant
Profile Builder’s child plugin support, for example you can take any file of this
plugin and overwrite it without touching the original plugin file.

Elegant Profile Builder - 29  You can
use multiple forms on the same page without any conflict or

Elegant Profile Builder - 30   New! you can now set up confirmation email settings per registration form with a
lot of variables and placeholders!

Elegant Profile Builder - 31   New! you can now set up welcome email settings per registration form with a lot
of variables and placeholders!

Elegant Profile Builder - 32   New! referer redirect after login, if you enable this feature then the user will be redirected back to the previous page after login.

Elegant Profile Builder - 33   New! you can now add Really Simple Captcha to the login form.

Elegant Profile Builder - 34   New! insert bulk options functionality in the dropdown field, multi-select field, radio field and checkbox field.

Elegant Profile Builder - 35   New! Backend
Custom Fields free add-on.

Elegant Profile Builder - 36   New! Now you can import & export forms and settings.

Elegant Profile Builder - 37  Developer
we stick on the rules, so we did not use any custom PHP code, we only used WordPress
actions, filters, etc. In addition, we always restrict ourselves with WordPress Coding Standards. Therefore, you can
very easy use your preferred actions and filters with Forms Management System.
Elegant Profile Builder - 38  User

Elegant Profile Builder - 39  Option for
making the
form full width. and another option to disable the form styles.

Elegant Profile Builder - 40  Responsive.
Elegant Profile Builder - 41  Great

Elegant Profile Builder - 42  And

Elegant Profile Builder add-ons released!

Elegant Profile Builder - 43


No refund available for this plugin. Thank you for understanding.

This plugin is not compitable with Forms Management System plugin, Forms Management System has its own Profile Builder add-on.


            04.10.2016 - ver 1.5
                - New: confirmation email feature.
                - New: welcome email feature.
                - New: referer redirect after login.
                - New: insert bulk options feature.
                - New: add Really Simple Captcha to the login form.
                - New: add icon to the username form field.
                - New: add documentation link to the support admin page.
                - New: epb_logout_link_text_render hook.
                - New: epb_text_field_before_close_wrapper_label hook.
                - New: epb_text_field_wrapper_label_class hook.
                - Enhance: update epb.pot file.
                - Enhance: remove get_currentuserinfo() deprecated function.
                - Enhance: modify lost password field label string.
                - Enhance: reformat code.
                - Fix: login form not work.
                - Fix: user must refresh the page after reset password.
                - Fix: broken confirmation link if space in username.
                - Fix: the password help text don't show up.

            24.12.2015 - ver
                - New: a new option for the logout link.
                - Enhance: allow HTML in the message field.
                - Enhance: enhance form builder styles.
                - Fix: Google map sensor parameter warning.
                - Fix: SSL mixed content warning.

            09.09.2015 - ver
                - Improve the conditional logic.
                - New Hooks.

            01.08.2015 - ver
                - Improve the conditional logic.

            14.07.2015 - ver
                - Fix AJAX response issue.
                - Replace WordPress default logout method.

            09.07.2015 - ver 1.3
                - New Backend Custom Fields free add-on.
                - New Import & Export Forms & Settings features.
                - New Hooks.
                - Enhance AJAX respond reader.

            24.06.2015 - ver 1.2
                - Fix "Remember me" button style issue.

            23.06.2015 - ver 1.1
                - Fix login form incorrect class name.

            22.06.2015 - ver 1

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