Data Source – charts, tables, maps and grids

DataSource is a WordPress plugin focused on providing visual presentations of your data within pages of your website. DataSource allows you to present data from CSV files, XML, Excel files, Google Spreadsheets, MySQL database or WordPress custom post types as sortable tables, various charts, grids and even maps!

Video Demonstration

Data Source - charts, tables, maps and data grids - 1

List of features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Google Spreadsheets, CSV, XML and Excel files, MySQL tables, WordPress posts as data sources
  • Beautiful and easy to configure Google Charts
  • Template based grids for your data
  • Sortable, filterable and responsive tables
  • Amazing vector and google maps support
  • Translation ready
  • One minute installation
  • Support is taken seriously
  • User manual included

What can you do with Data Source?

Actually, the only limit is your imagination, but just a few samples:

  • You can organize your CSV, XML, XLS or Google Spreadsheet files in a nice sortable table and easily add them to your WordPress website.
  • Have addresses, cities, Countries or even latitude and longitude information? – Great, then you can easily build maps to present your data!
  • It is easy to use with WooCommerce data too! With DataSource you can build charts using information about products, orders, invoices or whatever you need.
  • Want to display information directly from database table? No problems! With DataSource you can create nice grids and tables just by selecting table in your WordPress database or even by connecting to another one and creating specific SQL query!

Data Source - charts, tables, maps and data grids - 2


  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • CURL extension or allow_url_fopen=”On” to allow access to remote data sources

Version history


  • Support for multiple SQL queries was added
  • Fix to Google Spreadsheets integration


  • XML files are now supported as data sources
  • Minor CSS fixes and code improvements.

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