Add an option to sell coupons for ADS Pro, add a new way of advertising, we called it “Cost Per Sell (CPS)”, earn by every time that a user redeem a coupon.

Requirement to have Ads Pro Plugin v1.3.4 or higher

How does this work?

  1. The advertiser or the admin create the coupon (For example: 2×1 in pizza) With an image, description, restrictions, etc
  2. Then the ad is published and people can see the ad, when someone is interested in it, they will click in it
  3. They are ask for an email
  4. They receive an email and redeem the coupon
  5. They go to the store to make valid the coupon
  6. The advertiser can see who, how many and when redeemed their coupons

You can see a video about the configuration in Youtube.


  • Add in the space the option to have coupons, you have to select the % of income.
  • The users can create their ads in Front End
  • Statistics for clients, they can see number of persons than have clicked and who have print the coupons.
  • We charge for every time an user print the coupon, not for every click.
  • Users have to provide the email and they will receive the coupon

How to use it?

  • Install the plugin
  • Configurate a space and add the porcentage of fee for every coupon
  • Go to your form in the front end, there you will have the option to choose Cost per Sell in the spaces that you have configurated before, IT DOESN’T work right now the option to add it in the administrator, you will have to add it in the front end only.


  • The folder directory of the plugin should be ‘bsa-pro-coupons’ exactly like that
  • It is necessary to put a valid image logo with the extension (name.jpg for example)


v1.0.2 - 13/11/2015
- improvement: A translation text added
- improvement: Add site url option added

v1.0.1 - 19/07/2015
- improvement: Format of coupon in PDF Changed
- improvement: Translations text by default

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