YouTube Data Shortcodes is an easy way to display live data from any YouTube video. With just a few simple lines of text you can instantly fetch live data from the YouTube API.
The data will be cached to your server to help speed up requests and prevent you from hitting the API requests limit.

You can change the cache timer and other settings through our easy to use script generator.

No prior coding knowledge is required to integrate this into your website, the step by step guide will easily talk you through the quick process of adding this plugin to any website.

If you have any issues then we’re always happy to assist and may be able to integrate it for you upon request (depending on your setup).

Once the plugin has been added to your website then you need only state the ID of the video and the shortcode of the data you wish to fetch.

Only jQuery and PHP is required to install this application; if you’re unsure whether your site meets these requirements then please do feel free to get in touch with us.

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