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Video Search Engine is a PHP script that displays videos related to search query made by users. Its also has feature to show Popular, New and Random videos in an intelligent way depending on the past search query made by different users.It is build on feature rich set of Youtube API. It also automatically makes SEO optimization of pages depending on videos displayed on them. You can customize the category of videos displayed on home page according to your preference. In the Admin Panel You can check the keywords used by users to search videos and all the videos displayed to different users. It is build with templating system so you can very easily make new themes for it. The default look and theme is build with a responsive template so users can search the videos on mobile as well. If you are looking for intelligent video script which does most of the work automatically then this script is for your. If you like this script then please leave a five star rating.


  • Built on feature rich set of Youtube API
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Built on Laravel.
  • Responsive Design
  • Free Skin and Templates
  • Very easy to create new theme
  • SEO Ready
  • List videos category wise
  • Detail of each video
  • Intelligent results
  • Register Users
  • Admin Panel – Dashboard
  • Admin Panel to check video listing
  • Admin Panel to check search-term listing

This script can boost your website traffic to 1000 visitors per day in just 2-3 months. We have tested it on our website and below you can check the Analytics Report for yourself.


Demo Admin

Admin Details

Username : admin
Password : welcome1

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