PHP Class to get video information from a URL.

  • Features:
    • 1- Supports most popular video websites as “Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion” and will support more soon
    • 2- Automatic video service detection and get relevant information from the correct API
    • 3- Supports embed videos for all services
    • 4- Fetch all information needed from video from url

Information you can get:
– id
– title
– description [either plain text, or formated text] – views count
– likes count
– dislikes count (youtube)
– comments count
– author/user
– channel title (youtube)
– url
– thumbnail “all available sizes”
– publish date “you can set your preferred format”
– video duration “in seconds”

Why “TWF Total Video Details”

– perfect and well commented code
– very detailed documentation
– easy to use and setup
– have check methods to check if data available before printing it

Icons used in live demo from FindIcons

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