Smart CMS is a full featured CMS software portal with awesome permission management module well written in PHP Codeigniter open source framework and the very fantastic Admin LTE bootstrap theme. Smart CMS enables you to quickly get started with a new PHP website or project without wasting time in creating the very basic functionalities of a project.


Link: Live Demo
Guest: [email protected]/123456
Admin: [email protected]/123456
Admin With Less Rights: [email protected]/123456


  • For Guest Users
    • User registration with email confirmation
    • User login with website
    • User login with multiple social networking websites for e.g. (Facebook, Google, Linkedin etc.)
    • Forgot password functionality
    • Remember Me Functionality
    • Contact Us form
    • Various website pages for e.g. (About us, disclaimer, terms & conditions, privacy policy)
  • For Registered Users
    • See My Account Page
    • Update profile
    • Change Password
  • For Admin Users
    • Dashboard to see website statistics
    • Setting page to update various application settings for e.g. (Application name, home page settings, login settings, social media settings etc.)
    • Manage application users
    • Manage application users roles and groups
    • Manage permissions of important parts of the application
    • Manage email templates to handle mail texts for e.g. (User email confirmation mail, Password recovery mail etc.)
    • Manage application frontend pages


  • PHP 5.3+, PHP 7.0+
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache Mod Rewrite Enabled


  • CodeIgniter
  • AdminLTE v2.x
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap WYSIHTML5 Editor
  • Bootstrap FormValidation
  • Bootbox
  • Toastr Notifications


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • PSR2 Coding Standards Followed
  • Nice Client And Server Side Form Validations
  • Secure From SQL Injections and XSS Attacks

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