Restab is Restaurant tablewise billing system(POS). complete solution for Restaurant. This CMS Includes almost everything needed in a Restaurant billing system. We made this fully responsive so that every device can get an access.We use CodeIgniter as a framework.its very easy to changes. This Restab Management System allows multiple admin and multiple User. admin can observe whatever a User doing what? How many sells posts by a Waiter? etc. Cashier(Waiter) can only sell products and does not have any access to delete anything form the system. we provide user-right also for any other user. admin set and reset password or permission of access.

Features :

1. Easy and cool design

2. Simple Common Login with Admin & User

3. Simple step to Sales and serve Restaurant Product

a. Choose Table
b. Choose Product
c. Choose Billno & Create Series
d. Quick Customer Add
e. Set Discount

4. Complete information of Sales & Restaurant

a. Tablewise Bill Reports & other option like Between Date,Today,Weekly,Montly
b. unique Bill No.
c. Cutomer billing Datewise
d. logo & address and bill system config
e. Easy add product with unlimited option

5. SMS Config (User can Send simple message with Bill notification to Customer)

6. User Managment & User Right

7. PDF & Excel Reports

8. Application allow to use multi language.(google languages tools)

9. User Management

Demo URL :

Username : admin Password : admin

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