UPDATE! Users can access the application via mobile again.

Create your own Facebook game!

Users can do social activities (like, share, tweet, etc.) to get more raffle tickets!
The more tickets they get, the more chance to win the prize.
The best choice for making brands and promotion campaigns more powerful!

Version 4.0 is here with powerful admin panel!

Checkout how easy to manage the game!

Get more conversions on any social platform!


Support your site/channel with custom skin social buttons.
Users can earn extra tickets with social activities listed below:

\ Subscribe to your Youtube channel.

\ Google+ your site.

\ Tweet on Twitter (adjustable text).

\ Follow your channel on Twitter.

\ Share your site on LinkedIn.

\ Invite 5 (adjustable) friends to game at Facebook.

\ Share game on Facebook.

\ Subscribe to your newsletter.

Get new fans with like gate!


  • You can enable like gate, so users have to like your page to play.
  • You can choose hidden like gate, so users will automatically like your page if the press the Play button.
  • Statistics about new likes and old fans too.
  • Like button with custom design for best fit.

Available on multiple platform!

  • Facebook: Game runs at your Facebook page via page tab application.
  • Website: You can easily embed to any type of website (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, simple HTML, etc) without programming skills. Checkout demo!
  • Hybrid: Same contest can run at your Facebook page and at your website concurrently.
  • Mobile/tablet: Responsive, mobile optimized version.


Why our customers like RAFFLE game?

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Marketing values

  • Your logo is visible and clickable at many parts of the game
  • Pre-made promotional graphics
  • Users can get extra tickets by social activities:
    • Share the game
    • Invite friends
    • Subscribe to newsletter
  • You can download the user list of the game to increase your customer database.

You can customize:

  • Game name
  • Subheadline
  • Share text
  • Invite text
  • Background skin
  • Font color
  • Prize
  • Start date
  • End date


  • Multiple date localization/format supported
  • 12/24 hour time format supported
  • Adjustable extra ticket options (invite, invite limit, share, subscribe)
  • Configurable initial ticket number
  • Includes RTL Stylesheet (right-to-left language supported)
  • Frontend admin
    • Downloadable user list (xls)
    • Debugging features
    • Quick statistics
  • Limitable user access by coupon code
  • Available on mobile/tablet devices
  • Automatic drawing process and winner announcement
  • Automatic Facebook notifications and email for winner
  • Automatic winner information, quick statistics and user list sending to your email
  • Automatically generated, bulletproof Terms and Conditions customized to your needs
  • Translation ready, all text in one file
  • Integrated Google Analytics tracking for all important events
  • Quick statistics based on game database
  • Funny sounds and effects
  • Permission request is at the end of the game, so more users will play
  • Permission tutorial for rejecting users
  • Teaser mode, if app is published before starting date
  • Reinstall protection with cheat statistics
  • Layered PSD for customization


  • Clear “how to make” Facebook application tutorial
  • Smart input fields with explanation and examples to make it much easier
  • Auto image cropping, you can upload any size
  • Get many data from Facebook API to less type
  • Easy server checking for avoiding troubles
  • User friendly error alerts
  • Adding application to your Facebook page with one click

Sounds good? Make sure and try out the Installer!


  • Creative preloader
  • Fast loading, game size is less than 2 megabytes
  • GreenSock animations for best performance
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Well organized, commented & clean code

Required SSL support

Facebook allows only HTTPS/SSL URLs!
You can request SSL certificate from your hosting provider.

Do you want to know more about RAFFLE game?


Something missing?

If you need a new feature or something extra please leave us a feedback with your requirements! We hope we will include it in a future update!

Do you like it?

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What are we working on?

  • More extra ticket option
  • Extended admin with a lot of cool feature, such as mass notification sender


How to update?

Please overwrite your files with the new release, then run the Installer!
Warning! After reinstall your settings will be lost!

Version 4.7.3

- Fix: Like popup disappear issue

Version 4.7.2

- Fix: Installer Facebook Page ID invalide issue. (Facebook Graph API changed because Cambridge Analytica scandal) 
- Fix: Admin panel missing content issue

Version 4.7

- Fix: Broken links fixed. Script updated for new Facebook API. 

Version 4.6

- Feature: PHP 7 / Maria DB supported
- Fix: Facebook share

Version 4.5.3

- Fix: Updated quick start documentation for new Facebook API

Version 4.5.2

- Fix: Facebook share issue

Version 4.5.1

- Fix: PHP Mailer version update

Version 4.5

- Fix: Users can access the application via mobile again.
- Fix: Youtube subscribe

Version 4.4

- Fix: Social API updates

Version 4.3

- Fix: After restart already used players can't play
- Fix: After restart sometimes blank screen issue
- Enhancement: Added some new tip to Troubleshooting at Quick start doc

Version 4.2 – Release date: 16.11.2015

- Fix: Installer invalid Page id issue

Version 4.1.3 – Release date: 05.11.2015

- Fix: Admin winners menu issue

Version 4.1.2 – Release date: 30.09.2015

- Fix: Admin user delete issue

Version 4.1.1 – Release date: 20.08.2015

- Fix: Admin restart issue 

Version 4.1 – Release date: 17.08.2015

- Fix: Admin loading issue 
- Fix: Facebook invite, share not working issue 

Version 4.0 – Release date: 28.07.2015

- Feature: Powerful backend admin
- Fix: Ticket submit issue 

Version 3.0 – Release date: 15.05.2015

- Feature: New social activities with custom skin buttons: Youtube subscribe, Google+, Twitter share, Twitter follow, LinkedIn share 
- Enhancement: Collected tickets slider
- Enhancement: Adjustable extra ticket options
- Enhancement: Customizable initial ticket count
- Fix: Mobile app rotation problem

Version 2.4 – Release date: 30.03.2015

- Feature: Multiple date localization/format supported
- Feature: 12/24 hour time format supported
- Feature: Adjustable extra ticket options (invite, share, subscribe)
- Feature: Adjustable mininum number of invited friends
- Feature: Configurable initial ticket number
- Enhancement: Automatically https redirect from http protocol
- Enhancement: Corrected english grammar (raffle -> raffle ticket)
- Enhancement: Minimum version of PHP 5.3
- Fix: Minor mobile version sitebuild bugs

Version 2.2 – Release date: 17.03.2015

- Feature: Like gate available
- Feature: Hidden like gate option 
- Feature: Users can play again if they have availabe extra chance
- Feature: Users can check their collected raffle tickets at the welcome screen
- Enhancement: Upgraded to Facebook API 2.0
- Enhancement: Corrected english grammar, thanks to mosmolly <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />
- Enhancement: Updated Terms and conditions for website platform
- Enhancement: More call to action button at gameover screen
- Enhancement: Notification if invite or share wasn't successfull
- Enhancement: Added New likes and Fans stats
- Enhancement: Email sender is modified to contact email
- Enhancement: Dynamic cache sytem for resource, based on version number
- Enhancement: Highlight extra chance buttons, if try to submit without ticket
- Enhancement: Game start and finish time show in tooltip, if you hover timing badge
- Enhancement: Embedded troubleshooting at installer
- Enhancement: Some design alignment (loader, welcome screen, buttons, etc..)
- Fix: Facebook API limit reached issue
- Fix: Coupon codes missing from database
- Fix: TimThumb doesn't work at localhost
- Fix: Installer server check issue
- Fix: Timing badge sometimes appeared at game screen

Version 1.8 – Release date: 21.02.2015

- Feature: Website version
- Feature: Hybrid platform available, the same contest can run at your Facebook page and at your website concurrently
- Enhancement: Purchase code validator at Installer
- Enhancement: Subscriber list will be send via email too
- Fix: User list link was broken at statistics email 

Version 1.6.1 – Release date: 11.02.2015

- Feature: Game is restartable at Frontend admin
- Fix: Draw time was missing at the last screen

Version 1.6 – Release date: 08.02.2015

- Feature: Start and end time (hh:mm) of the game is configurable
- Enhancement: Using external mail server if your server can't send mail
- Enhancement: Locale available at user list
- Enhancement: New issues added to troubleshooting doc
- Enhancement: Tooltip help for Quick statistics at Frontend admin
- Fix: Mobile version's popup layer width issue

Version 1.5.3 – Release date: 01.02.2015

- Feature: Unique visitor stat at frontend admin (based on cookie)
- Enhancement: Popup can close with clicking on the fader
- Enhancement: Gender available at user list
- Enhancement: If user mute the game it will save via cookie
- Fix: Some fixed position elements change to absolute position
- Fix: Mobile version's popup close button position
- Fix: At first use mobile version showed already played (last inserted id issue)

Version 1.5 – Release date: 27.01.2015

- Enhancement: Cross platform orientation detect for tablet/mobile version
- Enhancement: Cross platform table detect
- Enhancement: New debug option to test all game screen (debug_config.php - TEST_NAV )
- Enhancement: New issues added to troubleshooting doc
- Enhancement: Custom images get prefix
- Enhancement: iOS doesn't support Tahoma font, it was changed to Arial
- Fix: TimThumb absolute URL was changed to relative
- Fix: TimThumb can works at virtual folder (when URL contain ~)
- Fix: Prize image width is defined with PHP
- Fix: Installer was used ?: short operator, not supported everywhere
- Fix: Installer trim the slash at the end of Facebook page URL

Version 1.4 – Release date: 17.01.2015

- Feature: RTL stylesheet support
- Enhancement: Installer generate prefix for datatables
- Enhancement: Version file added (version.dat)
- Enhancement: Can create game without logo and prize image
- Enhancement: Added restart game tutorial to quick-start doc
- Enhancement: Added troubleshooting to quick-start doc
- Enhancement: Latest GSAP included
- Fix: Wide logo design brake issue
- Fix: Installer support Facebook page names with www, like
- Fix: Source files end of line format changed to unix style
- Fix: BaseURL issue with query string

Version 1.2.4 – Release date: 04.01.2015

- Enhancement: Bigger image size of sharing - 486px * 255px 
- Enhancement: If app namespace is missing, installer fix it with app id
- Enhancement: Installer support Facebook page without custom URL
- Enhancement: Installer extend with Facebook page create step 
- Enhancement: Default social texts 
- Enhancement: Quick start documentation simplification
- Fix: Database class mysql_real_escape_string issue
- Fix: Source files end of line format changed to unix style

Version 1.2 – Release date: 02.01.2015

- Feature: Downloadable subscriber list
- Feature: Frontend admin added debug tools
- Enhancement: Customizer and Frontend admin available at the sametime
- Enhancement: Frontend admin layout modification for easier use
- Fix: List URL-s secured with App secret
- Fix: Forced admin flag issue fixed

Version 1.1.2 – Release date: 31.12.2014

- Fix: Not logged in user redirect bug
- Fix: Game screen scaling issue with some mobile browser
- Fix: Popup close button disappearing on android browser
- Fix: Mobile version safety redirect
- Fix: After game restart, user can resubscribe for the newsletter and get extra raffle again

Version 1.1 – Release date: 28.12.2014

- Feature: Limitable user access by coupons 
- Feature: Sounds can be switched off at the installer
- Feature: Clickable logo, wich points to your website 
- Fix: Missing text at gameover screen

RAFFLE game - Promotional Facebook application - 1
RAFFLE game - Promotional Facebook application - 2

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