Welcome to ProChaterr!

ProChaterr is a new forum platform developed entirely using Laravel. It offers all the features that a forum usually has, but more. If you need a forum for your project, you can simply use ProChaterr as the forum software for your application!



  • Forum

    • Create, Junk (soft-delete), Restore, Delete Threads
    • Pin Threads to the top of the forum
    • Lock Threads to stop further discussion
    • Close an entire forum
    • Junk Posts
    • Report Posts
    • Create many sub-forums
    • Signature after a post
  • User

    • User Titles (e.g. when user has certain number of posts, they are given a star and a new title)
    • User Roles/Groups
    • Permissions
    • Modify Account/General Settings
    • Signature
    • Custom “Per Page” setting
  • Moderation Panel

    • View All Users
    • Edit Users
    • Ban Users
    • View Reported Posts
    • Junk/Restore threads
  • Admin Panel

    • View/Edit/Delete Users
    • Create a new User
    • Create new Forums
    • Move threads from a forum
    • Seed using Database Seeders
    • Manage Cache using the Cache Manager
    • Manage System Health
    • Add/Manage User Titles
    • Manage Pages
    • Manage User Roles
    • Manage User Permissions
    • Configure Site Settings (e.g. enable forums, registration)
    • Configure Validation rules

These are just a few of many features that ProChaterr has to offer. The best way to view them all is to check out the demo. If you have any questions, please don’t forget to ask in the comments and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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