Smart Text Highlighter fully based on PHP.

Compare, highlight and slice your data, give to your users the most compact, correct and easily readable portion of text


If you had come to point where you need to preview some sort of text to users in a compact and clean way with the special attention to the keywords, this is the plugin for you.

Emphasize your text with ease, so that users will pay more attention on important parts and with no difficulty for them to find what they were looking for in an no time.

HBHighlighter is an useful plugin for any kind of search or a tool for pulling attention on specific keywords or as whole on a specific slice of text.

HBHighlighter could prepare in various way a text and preview it to the user in way that fits your and user needs.


  • Search and highlight requested keywords in a text
  • Shorten(slice) long texts to a small portions each of them containing compact, correct and easily readable portion of text
  • Multiply search WITH keywords, sentences(whole or as a word separated) and syllable for matches in text
  • Organizing the output text, like slicing parts from text separated by dots(…) or outputing whole text, custom choice on highlighting tags, cleaning (on your choice) on inputed tags if text is coming from external source
  • External source reader, you can search for texts from any external web page by providing between wich tags to look up in and return the result in a way that we have already talked about


HBHighlighter is a standalone tool so it can be integrated in any php project running PHP >= 5.4


A demo is provided. LINK TO DEMO

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