Office management is a complete package with an amazing combination of project management, task management, ticket creation, employee support, daily reporting and so.

You can manage almost everything using this tool. To get a better understanding please go through with the provided demo live preview.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the project as zip file.
  • Extract it to your desired destination
  • Open Command prompt or console to the root directory of the project
  • Run this command php artisan config:cache
  • make sure to configure database on .env and config/database.php file
  • Now run, php artisan migrate , this will migrate required tables for you
  • Run php artisan db:seed to seed pre-defined data which containes login information
  • See your admin username and password from database/seed/UserTableSeeder.php
  • Make sure your root folder, storatge, bootstrap folder has read write permission.
  • Now to run the local server run, php artisan serve
  • While publishing on the net, set your public directory as the domain root directory

[ no sign in username/password is required for demo ]

Laravel Projects does not work on shared hosting

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