Have multiple languages of your SocioQuiz site at the same time.

Note: This plugin is only supported on SocioQuiz versions v2.0.0 and above.

Now take your viral quiz website built with SocioQuiz to audience all over the world by having different language versions of your site on subdomains like “”, “”, “”, etc.

Now you can make your website even more VIRAL!

With multilingual plugin you can:

  1. Create different quizzes for different languages
  2. Create different widgets for different languages. You can even use different ad networks for different languages
  3. Create categories for different languages
  4. Have a language switcher on the website that allows users to change language
  5. Automatically detect users’ language and redirect to that language version of your site
  6. Create categories for different languages

New to SocioQuiz?

SocioQuiz is a viral quiz website script that lets you create a viral quizzes website with:

  1. Quizzes like the ones you see on Buzzfeed, Playbuzz
  2. Facebook photo apps like what you see on,, etc.

Check out SocioQuiz to know more and see a demo!

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