FileWizz – The files monitor

FileWizz is a small PHP web application that allows you to monitor various files from your server, files like your websites for example.
Once a monitor for certain files on the server is created, FileWizz will check all the files inside the monitor periodically and once something related to those files changes, FileWizz will create a very detailed report and it will notify you.
Each report contains detailed info about what files were created, changed and deleted. Even more, you have access to a diff tool so that you can see the differences between two versions of a file.

Common questions

  1. Q: What is it good for?
    Maybe the most important use case for FileWizz is for your website security.
    Usually website owners find out their websites have been compromised weeks or even months after the event, when it is simply too late.
    If this would to happen and you would monitor your files, you will find out as soon as possible, giving you enough time to take proper actions.
  2. Q: How it works?
    FileWizz will store meta data related to the files you monitor and it will compare this metadata to see if the files did indeed change.
    If they did, FileWizz will notify you via email with a small overview related to the changes that took place and with proper link to detailed reports.
  3. Q: How do i install it?
    A: Please read the install guide.
  4. Q: What are the server requirements to install it?
    A: Please read the KB article.
  5. Q: What is a monitor?
    A: Please read the KB article.
  6. Q: What is a monitor report?
    A: Please read the KB article.
  7. Q: Do i need to add any cron job to run FileWizz?
    If you want to create monitor reports automatically, then yes, you have to add a few cron jobs.
    You can either use linux cron jobs or web crons, but we highly advise to set linux cron jobs because they are more reliable.
    You can find more instructions related to cron jobs by going into your FileWizz app, then to Settings followed by Cron Jobs.


Please visit our KB at
If you still have issues afterwards, you can open a support ticket in your FileWizz customers area at
Please note that your FileWizz customer account is created automatically after you install the app for the first time.

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