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Changelog 8 – 29 Jan 21.

* You will now be able to download an admission form after adding a PDF student in the admissions section.
* Ahora se podrá descargar un archivo PDF con la ficha de inscripción del estudiante después de agregarlo en la sección de admisión.

* Fixed issue when sending emails.
* Se corrigió el problema al enviar correos electrónicos.

* Se agregó un timeline de las actividades del estudiante y padre.
* Added a timeline of student and parent activities.

* Fixed problem translating script.
* Se arregló el problema al traducir el script.

* Now you can add live classes with Jitsi, Zoom, Google Meet, among others, through a link.
* Ahora se pueden agregar clases en vivo con Jitsi, Zoom, Google Meet, entre otros, a tráves de un enlace.

* Now automatic attendance is taken when entering a live class.
* Ahora se toma asistencia automática al momento de ingresar a una clase en vivo.

* Teachers can now remove assignments from students.
* Ahora los profesores pueden eliminar entrega de tareas por los estudiantes.

* Now the student can submit multiple files in their homework submissions.
* Ahora el estudiante puede enviar múltiples archivos en sus entregas de tareas.

* Teachers can now create message groups.
* Ahora los profesores pueden crear grupos de mensajes.

* Now you can change the date format in system settings.
* Ahora puedes cambiar el formato de fecha en ajustes del sistema.

* Now you can translate the calendar into your language from system settings.
* Ahora puedes traducir el calendario a tu idioma desde ajustes del sistema.

Changelog 7.6 – 5 June 20.

- The problem that the students can consult the subjects of other sections has been solved. To update just replace fancy.php in parent and student.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Changelog 7.5 – 17 May 20.

- Now the running years are individually, for example: 2020,2021,2022...
- Added mailing of marks to parents and students.
- The redirection problem when a student creates an account from the frontend has been solved.
- Documentation has been improved.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Changelog 7.0.1 – 15 May 20.

- Fixed a bug in admin and teacher panel .
- Minor bugs fixed.

Changelog 7 – 13 May 20.

- Image questions added to online exams.
- Now the teacher can set password to the online exam.
- The courses are now by section and can be assigned to a different teacher.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Changelog 6.8 – 9 May 20

- Jitsi Meet bug in teacher account fixed.
- Now in the news the links are supported and open when you click..
- Update instructions are included.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Changelog 6.7 – 7 May 20

- YouTube videos is now available in Dashboard.
- News image is now previewed in Dashboard.
- Days in schedules are now displayed in the default language.
- The error in the schedules has been fixed.
- Conferences have been added with Jitsi Meet.
- Minor bugs fixed.

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  • User: admin
  • Pass: 1234

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  • User: monica
  • Pass: 1234

Student login

  • User: adrian
  • Pass: 1234

Parent login

  • User: alejandra
  • Pass: 1234

Accountant login

  • User: ileana
  • Pass: 1234

Librarian login

  • User: samanta
  • Pass: 1234

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