About eBook Creator

eBook Creator – MultiUser Edition – is universal online ebooks creation system that provides you ability to create electronic books in several types (PDF, ePUB). This version is multiuser and you can create more than one book. With this system you can save your prepared ebooks to continue writing later, save your completed books or download it to your device as simple as possible. Simple admin interface provide you everything you need for your publishing work.

The main features of eBook Creator are:

  • regular & admin accounts
  • admin can set limit how many books can regular user make in same time
  • ePub and PDF format
  • automatically created Table of Content
  • you can save your work and continue later
  • integraded WYSIWYG editor
  • Homepage Editor – simple WYSIWYG editor where you edit your promotion frontend page


  1. Prepare empty MySQL database with appropriate user and password
  2. Unzip and upload files from upload folder to your server
  3. Setup configuration parameters in config.php in root folder and in admin folder also
  4. Run installation by open
  5. Use your eBook Creator

After first installation, you can log in with default admin account:
Username: admin
Password: admin
on page



  1. you can read all book from all users but you can’t edit them or delete them
  2. you can set limit of how many books can user edit in same time
  3. you have under administration all users, you can make them admins, default type is Regular user
  4. you can edit Homepage

Regular User

  1. you can edit books, delete them and export them to formats
  2. you don’t have access to users details
  3. you can not edit homepage



To to test/create ebook, log into as admin by “Log in” button at the top of page.
Username: admin
Password: admin

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