• 100% Responsive
  • Friend of Mobile Devices
  • Points System
  • Badge System
  • Categories with Limited Access through Points
  • Censored Words (Enable/Disable)
  • User Ranking
  • Notifications (Likes and Comments)
  • New Entries via Modal
  • Create new Genres and Colors
  • Create New Categories
  • Like system
  • Count of Views
  • Sharing in Social Networks
  • Tag system
  • Creation of new Pages
  • Sections (Latests/Viral/Random)
  • Online / Offline User badge
  • Report management
  • Set Logo and Favicon
  • SEO Title, Description and Tagline
  • Results Per Page
  • Pause New Entries
  • New Stories in Moderation or Immediately Published
  • MIN/MAX Characters for Stories
  • MIN/MAX Characters for Comment
  • Activate/Deactivate Entries in one-click
  • Create New ADS Units
  • Feature Posts from the Admin area
  • The Admin Can Delete the Stories from the Front-End as well.
  • By setting the role of moderator to a user, he can also manage the stories. This is very useful to help you filter the stories in case of multiple submissions.

Developed with the latest version of Laravel 8.


PHP >= 7.3



In the random stories placed in the sidebar, even those still in the moderation phase were taken. It was correct.

Overwrite the file:
- appHttpControllersHomeController.php

Fixed some inconsistencies with the user rankings.
Overwrite the following files

- appModelsUser.php
- appHttpControllersAuthAccountController.php
- appHttpControllersHomeController.php

- Points system
- Badge system
- Points history list
- Category with access limit through points
- User ranking
- Several general improvements
- The admin can delete the stories from the front.end.
- Words censored.
- All dependencies updated.
- You can feature posts from the admin area.
- Added "OR" badge in comments (comment belongs to the post user).
- New stable version released.

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