In this project, we have developed a Technical Service Tracking Program for our valued customers.
You can watch the promotional video of all modules.
I will introduce other modules below.
I hope you liked our project. I am sure you will be interested.
It was a program that we created and wrote the algorithm to meet the needs of all technical service stores.
We will keep the project updated constantly. You can explain the features you want to be added by sending an e-mail.

One Technical Maintenance Tracking V1: We have coded all the modules below and we will be presenting them to you …

• Brand / Model Cards: In this module, we can list the brand and models belonging to that brand and perform operations such as adding, deleting, updating.

• Bank Cards: With this module, you will be able to link your bank accounts to your cash registers. In this way, you will be able to transfer your card withdrawals according to which bank you have withdrawn from

• Customer Cards: With this module, after registering your customer, you will be able to take control of the service records brought by them. Moreover, you will be able to see all the maintenance and repair records, the service and spare parts information it has brought on the regulation page.

• Safe Cards: In this module, we will record the safes to which we will transfer the money while recording all current transactions.

• Province Module: With this module, we enable you to choose Province-County on the page where you get your customers’ information.

• Definition Cards: This module will allow you to save the fixed data according to the relevant enum value in a general definition form instead of adding it as a new form.

• Service Cards: It will be the module you will offer additional services to your customers on the reservation screen. Since these additional services will also have a fee part, you must enter their actual values ​​(example: Baby seat value like $ 10)

• Payment Type: On the reservation screen, you will be able to record the payments you have received on the card you are recording or you are recording. All payment types added here will be listed on the reservation screen.

• Maintenance Module: Consider a form where all the modules above intersect. It will pull all the data you have added and create a tracking data for you. In this module, you can get the information of your customer who brought the relevant product and create a record. You can then edit or delete this record. We have made this module work in the most stable way by taking the necessary precautions for you.

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