Online School Equipment Management System with Barcode with full project & source code

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This Automated Management System aims to easily track the school equipment because there are times that the items accessed by many users have the tendency of loss due to poor monitoring of the items. This system can help you monitor the items properly in a place with several rooms. You can also determine the items which are damaged, lost, or under maintenance and it can be printed if you need a hard copy of those items. Then, a Barcode scanner is used in this system to make the automated process fast with accuracy.

This project is a software-based application and was developed using VB.NET, MySQL Database, and SAP Crystal Reports. The system can be accessed by 2 types of system users which are the Administrator and the staff. The Administrator has access to all of the features and functionalities of the system while the staff has restrictions.

Main Features

(1) Equipment

  • Add new Equipment
  • List of Equipment
  • Add Quantity
  • Edit Equipment
  • View Assigned Area

(2) Assignments

  • Assign Equipment
  • Transfer Equipment

(3) Change Status

  • Under Maintenance
  • Change to Good
  • Lost Equipment
  • Damage Equipment

(4) Settings

  • Parts
  • Brand
  • Location
  • Computer Set

(4) Manage Users

(5) Generate Reports

(6) Login and Logout


  • Visual Studio 2012 / 2015
  • Crystal Report for visual studio
  • Xampp latest version / any host server
  • MySql-connector-odbc-5.1.9-win32.msi

If you need any third party software please contact with me. I’ll provide all the needed software.

Thank You

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