– Users Management
* System access privileges 1.- Administrator 2.- Employee
– Manage Categories – Create, Update, Show, Delete (Category Name).
– Manage Items – Create, Update, Show, Delete (item code, item name, purchase price, sale price).
– Supports Barcode Reader.
– Record of Expenses
– Automated Customer Registration and Filtration
– Reset of Sales, Expenses and Customer Registration
– Register Sales very easily
– Register Sales with debt option
– Manage Debts
– Complete outstanding debt.
– Barcode creator
– Sales Report
– Sales of the day.
– Sales between date range.
– Sales Details.
– Debt Report.
– Report of Income and Expenses.
– System configuration
– Store administration
– Tax application
– Report earnings chart
– Top sales graphic report
– Report expense chart
– Print sales ticket
– Very nice and intuitive User Interface Design
– MySQL Database
– Backup DataBase
– Restore DataBase

MINIMUN requirements
Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects to generate .exe
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
User Name / Password (default)
user Name: admin
password: admin
When you buy you get the complete source code as shown in the screenshots Full source code included Full Documentation You will get C#.CS files, windows design, .sql file Database
Note.- windows forms – Application Desktop

Recommended system for products that have a SERIAL NUMBER or unique Product Code.
To be able to transfer products between stores.

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