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Online exam system ASP MVC

This is an Online Exam Management System built with the help of ASP .NET MVC 5 and bootstrap theme. This system contains three main modules.

Admin Module

The admin module contains many functionalities like in any educational institute. Following are some of the basic functionalities of this module.

  1. Adding basic data like course category, quiz category, etc.
  2. New course creation.
  3. Updating and deleting existing courses
  4. Registration of new students.
  5. Modification of students records.
  6. Registration of new teachers.
  7. Modification of teachers records.
  8. Assigning courses to teachers.
  9. Assigning courses to students.
  10. Dropping students from courses
  11. Searching through different data lists

Teacher Module

There are also many functionalities included in the teacher module. Following is a list of some of the main functionalities of this module.

  1. Viewing teacher courses with advanced search
  2. Adding a quiz to any course of a teacher
  3. Updating existing quiz data
  4. Adding new assignments to different courses
  5. Updating existing assignments.
  6. Viewing students list for any particular course
  7. Viewing students submitted work for quizzes and assignments
  8. Marking any student’s assignment work
  9. Viewing any particular complete quiz detail
  10. Deleting quizzes, assignments of a particular course
  11. Setting quiz, assignments expiry dates, total times, etc.

Student Module

In this examination system that built with the latest technology of ASP .Net or entity framework, there is also a complete students module
that includes:

  1. Viewing students registered courses
  2. Viewing quiz list for a particular course
  3. Viewing assignment list for a course
  4. Taking online any particular quiz within due dates
  5. Submitting assignments for different courses
  6. Viewing the result of any particular assignments or quiz

I have set some basic data in the system so users can view the system online before ordering.
You can log in as admin and then create a course, teachers, students related areas. On the login page, please click on “Dummy login credential” then
login with the credential in the popup. Besides this, all the menus structure is completely different for student, teachers, and admin. A student is
allowed to only view student-related menus and lists. Same like, teachers can only perform tasks that are designed for teachers. I will be glad and
thankful if anyone suggests further modification in the system. I will also continue support for system integration in your computer or online.
You have just to contact me on my email or phone number.

You Tube Video URL

You can watch the common features of course on the following You Tube link:

Online Exam System Features

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