Api tester is a desktop .net core application with source code and setup project included

Here are the features

  • Uses json files for db
  • Create sample files at first execution
  • Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete requests are handled
  • Requests can be executed one by one or multiple
  • Increase repeat value and make a performance test for requests
  • Execute only a group of requests or search results
  • Stop anytime while execution is started
  • Get instant responses from executions
  • Define parameters and use in requests. This will make a dynamic request definition which will help you update many request with one single value change.
  • Review each responses if you run repeated requests
  • Define a threshold and see responses which exceeds the threshold
  • See the last executed requests which will have a different background color than previously executed ones
  • See progress on multiple executions
  • Export result to csv file
  • Logout and login with different init definition
  • Define multiple token to handle different scenarios
  • Source code included

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