Medico is an online medicine delivery app is a type of software that allows users to order and purchase prescription and over-the-counter medications from a licensed pharmacy through their mobile device or computer. These apps typically allow users to:

  1. Search for and select medications from a list of available products

  2. Create and manage a list of frequently ordered medications

  3. View their order history and track the status of their current orders

  4. Receive notifications about their orders, such as when their medication has been shipped or is ready for pickup

  5. Make payments for their orders using a credit card or other payment methods





Checkout Some Features : 









Server Requirement :

  1. Windows Server
  2. MSSQL 2019 
  3. NODE JS
  4. SSL

Try AREOCLOUD Server for Best Performance . Optimized for Medico.


What’s Include in Folders :

  1. Admin Panel Source Code (Released Code in Regular License)
  2. User App (PWA) Released Code
  3. Delivery Boy App  (PWA)

API for Whatsapp is  from ALTMSG.


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