JobFinder – is one of the best key tool for any employer and candidate(job seeker) to connect together for hire.
JobFinder is made in
such a way that any
employee or for job seeker either he is Manger or fresher can understand and able to use it very easily.

JobFinder module will make it easy for Employers to post job effectively and efficiently. It provide best help for
to job posting, search for candidates or resumes database access, respone management tool,connect witht candidates,
receive applicants and many more..

JobFinder module will provides job seekers(candidates) with various services and features that facilitate them to
browse through enlisted jobs, apply
online and register/login themselves to be contacted by employers for relevant opportunities.
Candidates can apply faster for vacancies and make their profile visible in our CV database.
It is packed with lots of features.

Following Technologies have been used for developing JobFinder

  • MS SQL Server
  • AJAX
  • SAAS

JobFinder follows standard ASP.Net MVC , C#, Saas and use MS SQL Server database.
Full ajax based
Jobs Search, Resumes Search, Candidates Search and many more

We have 3 kinds of Roles

  • Administrator

  • Employers

  • Candidates


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Admnistrator is able to do following things:

  • Manage Employers
  • Manage Employers Companies
  • Can Activte and UnActivate Employers
  • Manage Candidates
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Resumes
  • Can controls activation status of Candidates
  • Edit About Us Details
  • Edit/Update Main Website Logo
  • View Enquiries which have been submitted by Filling Contact Us Form
  • View Subscription List
  • Manage Master Forms like
  • Manage Companies Industries
  • Manage Companies Categories
  • Manage Employment Types
  • Manage Experiences Types
  • Manage Job Functions
  • Manage Job Industries
  • Manage Seniority Level
  • Manage Qualification Type
  • Manage Countries

Employers can be able to do following things:

  • Registration/Login to the System
  • Post Job including all the advance fields
  • Update User Profile
  • Manage Company Profile
  • Manage Posted Jobs
  • Browse Resumes
  • Manage Applied Candidates
  • Advanced Filter
  • Bookmarked(Saved) Resumes for Future Contacting
  • Can Contact Candidates by just Clicking Contact Button on Candidate’s Resume Page
  • Employer is able to view full message of Candidates
  • Manage Shortlisted Resumes
  • And Many More+

Candidates can do following things:

  • Sign up/Login to the System
  • Browse Latest & Featured Jobs
  • Update User Profile
  • Create/Update the resume including all advance fields
  • Add/Update Resume
  • Manage Education History
  • Manage Working Experiences
  • Manage Professional Skills
  • Manage Other Skills
  • Manage Social Media Networks
  • Advance Job Search
  • Apply Jobs
  • Manage List of Applied Jobs
  • Manage Bookmark(Save) Jobs for future appliying
  • The best part is can contact with employer by clicking on contact employer button in Job Detail Home
  • Candidates is able to view detailed message from Employers
  • White view job detail page can view list of similar Jobs
  • Apply Jobs by Categories

It’s very easy to install, Installation Steps are as follows:

  • Unzip Solution

  • Upload to your hosting domain or iis
  • Create a database in your hosting and run a given sql script.
  • Change Connection string of database in appsetting.json file
  • Run It
  • your application ready to use now.

Hosting Environment

  • Windows
  • Database : MS SQL Server

By Purchasing this item, you will get following items:

  • Publised code
  • Full Database
  • Full Documentation is included for buyer only
  • Free Update
  • Supports


Super Admin Demo Credential:

Employer Demo Credential:

Candidate Demo Credential:

Source code is not included with any of the license variants.

Full Documentation is included for the buyer

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