Immigration CRM, you can add students. while adding students first need to create a Course and location(Country, State, City). after student creation, you can create a batch and need to
attach a batch to the student. Employees can create an attendance. Employees can upload material-related courses. In this CRM role management options are there. you can create a role also assign a menu to the selected role
other option are also there like Payments, commission Report, Bank Detail, Ticket and Query.

Advantages Of This Project.

  • Developed in core 3.1
  • MsSql Database
  • You can save students
  • You can save location(Country, State, City)
  • you can create batch
  • You can create a attendance
  • User have his own Portal
  • They can checks Profile
  • They can download Material
  • They can checks Payments
  • They can submit Ticket
  • Its shows you analitics and graph depend on Payment, Student registration, Queries, Sales and Ticket
  • Employee can checks commission
  • Admin is fully responsive

Modules & Features

  • Add Students
  • Add Ticket
  • Add Batch
  • Batch Assign
  • Add Course
  • Attendance
  • Commission
  • Commission Report
  • Banks
  • Add Employee
  • Menu Assign
  • Material
  • Payment
  • Query
  • Result
  • Role
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • User Profile
  • User Payments
  • User Attendance
  • User Material
  • User Result
  • User Query

Code Quality

  • Well written code in Repository Pattern and Entity Framework
  • Admin Managed using Identity
  • Lamar used to resolve dependencies
  • Separate Layers for Data, Models, and Services

Installation Steps

  • Extract
  • Change Connection string in web.config file
  • Re-build This project
  • Create new database “Immigration” on your system, Run Mssql database script on your database
  • your application ready to use now



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