GyMan is gym management software, it built-in .net core C# 3.1 with SQL server backend technology. You can use it for your GYM it’s having a lot of features we all give below.

Software Features

• Multiple Memberships

• Multiple Members

• Member Payments

• Member Attendance

• Multiple Exercises

• Member Measurement

• Member Exercise Groups

• Member Daily Activity

• Member Daily Workout

• Accounts Management: Income, Extra payments, Expense with reports

• Product management + sell

• Software Identity Login, Logout, Multiple users and roles ,menus and its access role wise etc.

• Master Lookup tables: Day, Gender, Levels MembershipCategory

• Application settings: colors, bg images, theme, software name and footer changes etc.

• Events

• Notice

Software Technology Features

• .Net Core 3.1

• Sql Server

• Code First

• Depandancy Injuction

• Entity Framework

• Jquery and Javascript

• Css and Html bootstrap

• No Third party depandancy

Installation Steps

  • Unzip Downloaded Folder
  • Upload to your hosting domain or iis
  • Create a database in your hosting and run a given SQL script
  • Change Connection string of database in appsetting.json file
  • Run It

Super Admin Panel
Username: Admin
Password: singh

Staff Panel
Username: StaffUser
Password: singh

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