Source Code Included

If you aren’t interested in source code, you don’t need to install any third-party software, just go to the folder named ‘Release’ and launch the .exe file

Google Map Business Extractor is an advanced tool to extract business information from Google Map, You can extract the :

  • Business Name
  • Descriptio
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Global Rating
  • Total Reviews
  • Plus Code
  • and also the new option: extract the images of the business into your PC.

Google Map Business Extractor allows you to set how many businesses you want to extract, just set the pages counts field, and every page contains 20 business, you can also set some advanced settings like set how many seconds to wait after every scrape or extract operation, how many seconds to wait after every X scrape operation, you can set all at 0 to finish the extract process as possible.

Google Map Business Extractor allows you also to know how many businesses are being extracted, how many pages are being extracted with a nice loading design.

A new option was added to Google Map Business Extractor and is the Language, you can choose from 4 languages: English(Default), French, Germany, Arabic.

Features :

  • Modern UI
  • Full Control of Extracted Information
  • Extract Business Images in Separated folder
  • Choose The Language
  • Extract Results in CSV File Format
  • Extract Up To 8 Business Information (Name, Description, Phone, Website, Full Address, Global Rating, Total Reviews, Plus Code)

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