Game Launcher is the Ultimate Solution to manage the updates of your game or app by creating patches using the Binary Diff technique.


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▽ Features ▽

● Binary Diff patches

Create small patches only with the differences between two versions.

This will reduce the download sizes and bandwidth usage by 90%!

● News/Feed and Alerts

The launcher can show information about your game/app. Show your server status, patch info, changelog, and make alerts or promotions!

● Repair

The launcher can repair itself and your game/app files!

● Self-Update

The launcher can update itself, so you can launch updates to your launcher too!

● Manage various environments

The launcher can manage various environments of an app/game at the same time.

Change between the Public Release and Public Beta environment and apply patches and updates for each one!

This includes showing localized News/Feed and Alerts for each one!

● Multi-Language support

The launcher supports multiple languages and can be changed in the Launcher Settings!

● Google Drive / Server Host

The launcher is designed to easily download your updates from your preferred host!

● Customizable

Customize your Launcher applying your own Background, Logo, or by buying a Custom Template!

● Animated

The launcher has animations!

● Expandable

Extend the launcher with your own features!

● Easy to Use

With a few clicks your Patch/Update will be deployed

● Well documented

Step by step guided with animated GIF documentation

It is fully compatible with .NET Core , so it can run on all desktop platforms.

It uses WPF Visual Studio Forms to create your Launcher.

At the moment the Launcher Window is on WPF which is only compatible with Windows

Mac and Linux versions will be released in Q2

Mobile platforms will be sold per separated.


| Website | Pro Version | Video | Documentation |

Do you require a custom launcher Features/UI for your app?

Please contact me on: [email protected]

Starting from $200 USD (fixed price) + $20 USD per hour

Asset uses third party components under his respectives licenses; see Third-Party Notices.txt in package for details.

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